Ekchakra Garvabas is an obscure village of Bengal, tucked away in a remote corner between Rampurhat and Sainthia on Eastern Railway. The village is about ten minutes walk from Birchandrapur bus stop. The ADVENT PLACE OF NITYANANDA is at the end of the village, aside unique natural beauty. Opinions are contradictory on the exact Birthplace of even Lord SRI CHAITANYA. It is indeed surprising that there is no doubt or suspicion regarding the Birthplace of NITYANANDA, as if the LORD himself kept it free from any skeptical question. It is a matter of great pride for all of us. This association again glorifies Birbhum, the holy place that united the SHAKTA, SHAIVA and VAISHNAVAS.

Sootika MandirNITYANANDA was born on Shukla Trayodashi, in the month of Magha, in the year 1473 A.D.12th Feb. (Shakabda – 1395). Like the Sun that enlightens the world from his chariot ‘The Ekchakra’, NITYANANDA filled the world with His fountain of love and benevolence from this Ekchakra. Ishan Nagar in his book ‘Adwaita Prakasha’, Narahari Chakrabarty in ‘Bhakti Ratnakara’, Nityananda Das in ‘Prem Bilasa’, Brindaban Das in ‘Sree Chaitanya Bhagbata', Abhiram Das in ‘Pat Paryatana’ have glorified the place. In modern times, Subal Chandra’s ‘Saral Bangla Abhidhana’,Sri Haridas Das’s ‘Gaudiya Baishnava Abhidhana’, a research work like ‘Birbhum Bibaran’, Rasik Mohan Vidyabhusan’s ‘Nityananda Charit’, magazines like GOURANGA MADHURI, GAUDIYA, BHAKTI, NITAI SUNDAR etc. eulogize the holy place and bring it to the notice of commons. The film NITYANANDA MAHAPRABHU presented by Sulata pictures has also brought the place in focus. The arrival of a number of great men, their ideas and opinions, culminated in a program held on All India Radio on 25th December 1974 based on their conversation. The sanctity of the place has been well established.

The significance of the place is not widely known. Most people believe that both Sri Chaitanya and Nityananda (Gour and Nitai) are originally from Nabadwip, but this is a misconception. We can point out a series of facts that mark the identity of this place. As in Nabadwip and Brindaban, Ekchakra also has its own ‘Yogapitha’ a spot sanctified by its connection with the Lord, who used to meditate here so often.








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